Monday, August 30, 2010

Yeah! Two Baptisms!!

I have good news because we did have two baptisms this last week and I was blessed to be asked to perform both of them. Susy is amazing because Sunday in the last hour we were all together and it was about the Priesthood and she was sitting there taking notes. The Bishop taught the lesson and towards the end asked me to read a quote about how if someone was not worthy to talk to the Bishop and after I asked to share a word and spoke of how I have seen how my father worries about everyone in his ward and that this bishop does the same and cares for us and wants to help us and that we need to talk to him so that we can use our Priesthood. I feel that he appreciated my effort to help him.

That was pretty cool that Katie got to go back to Idaho and see those great blessings and ordinances in the gospel.

Yesterday was a good, but hard day. We went to an appointment, but they were not there so we started walking around to contact and the first house we got to they let us in. My comp shared the lesson and at the end we asked if the dad would offer the prayer. He said he would do his best, though it was different. He said that he was a very hard person and that that was the first time he had prayed. When he finished his wife said that he never lets people in and that he is really hard but he was trying so hard to listen to us. I was amazed and we have the next appointment for Wednesday. This last month the district found 155 new investigators and had four baptisms and they have a lot more dates set with people. I feel very proud of my district and their work that they are doing. This Saturday we find out changes in the district so we shall see...

Mom, thanks for the garments, I have received them and also the letter you sent me. So thank you. But I was wondering about my Eccos and if you got the pictures from Jordan or Jared because one has a mouth and holes in the bottom. I still have another pair but they aren't great so please let me know and also my backpack is pretty much done and so I was wondering if it would be better to buy one here that isn't great or have you send me one. Please let me know for next week. But I will write on Wednesday.
Love Elder Musick

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