Monday, September 27, 2010

It's raining, It's pouring...

We asked:
How are you doing? How are the rains? I see rain (Thunderstorms, Heavy T-storms, scattered T-storms and showers) in your forecast for the next 10 days. Poor Sam.... Do you ever dry out? Do you use your rain jacket, take an umbrella, or rain poncho? Do your shoes dry out? We have been watching Hurricane Matt turn to Tropical storm/depression and drizzle out, but not before dumping tons of water on you. Tell us some details, please.

Well, the rains kind of stink at times because it makes working a little harder and colder. As for my clothes and shoes they are always wet and don't really dry out. Example: I am writing you right now and my feet are all wet. I always use my jacket a lot but I still get soaked. But the thing about the rain is not about the water but about the mudslides. It really stinks walking into a house and we just get everything soaked.

Now tell us how your temple sealing went?
The temple sealing was truly one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life. They were so grateful and so so so happy. The dad says I have to come back and I want to come back in the end of December and some of January of 2011 and 2012. So you guys know my plans. I truly feel like they are my family here. They try and take care of me and always want us to stop even if it is just to say hi. It was kind of sad because the oldest daughter (22) couldn't be a part of it because she was too old so that was sad. But yesterday she spoke in church and gave an amazing talk.

This next week we have a training in the capital for three days for leaders and so that will be kind of hard to plan for the weddings and everything else. Thursday we woke up at 4:30 to take out birth certificates and some other things to get these families married but we ended up leaving there at 12:30 so that was a long hard day. The families we are teaching are doing well - all getting better and hopefully everything will work out.

Well, can I just tell you that things here are great, but this ward needs help and so please pray for them. I thank you for your prayers and ask that you continue praying for our investigators so that we can have these weddings.

I do just want to tell you all how important families are because I have seen how the Lord has blessed families here with the Gaytan family and many of the other families. I have seen how little kids taught their investigating father to pray and set the example for him to be better.

I love you all and am very excited for B and Jordan. I love you all and pray all is well with you. - Elder Musick.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

¡My first sealing!

Well, things are interesting here, as always. We had the family Roldan and Pineda in church and the children of the family Escalante. We put a date for marriages for the 9th of Oct. and hopefully the baptisms will follow shortly after. Could you guys please pray for the family Roldan that they will get along and pull their papers out and also the family Escalante will pull their papers out and that Carlos will not be influenced by his friends but will follow the spirit. Also, that the family Pineda will be okay and that Francisco will not drink again. We did find two very positive new investigators and they are referrals from two families in the ward. We also had ward counsel for the second time this year and so I am really happy getting the ward working again. The coolest news is that I will be going to the temple this Friday to see the Family Gaytan get sealed. ¡My first sealing!

Yesterday Elder Allen and I - because we are going to the temple - we worked yesterday through our p-day and we went to the sweetest little town or aldea in the world. We went to contact a referral and found the mother of an investigator that Elder Allen is teaching. We helped sell fruit as in I was pushing the wheelbarrow and contacting the whole aldea and everyone loves us there. It was pretty awesome. The place is right on the edge of Lake Amatitlan, but because of the weather problems the lake has raised a lot and has flooded a lot of houses - it is sad to see. But it was a really amazing experience.

That is crazy all these people who are prego and it is amazing to hear about the success of the missionary effort [in your ward] because it is really important. Here because without us some wards and Branches would be lost, but it is a way of spreading and establish the church. Speaking of, we had the attendance up to 116 and it has been going up. The Bishop is very happy with us and we are really hoping to have some success in the following month. I thank you all for your prayers and continue to ask for them so that our investigators can grow and that I might be a help to my district and my companion. I love you all and hope all is well.

PS I bought shoes here that were 400 or 500 and they are pretty strong and should be just fine. Sorry because I went to like six places and they didn't even have my size. But payless did and they were a little more expensive but worth it I'd say.
Love, Elder Musick.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Marvelous Missionary Miracles

Well, I will start out by saying I have truly seen miracles in this last week. First, we have a family we are teaching and she is married and her husband lives in the US and they have been separated for more than ten years. The problem is that she is living with some else and they have three kids. But she just got her DPI which is her ID and it says she is single. So she is going today to verify if it is true and if that is so she can get married and the family can be baptized. It would be three baptisms.

The other is a family we are teaching. The dad hasn't drunk in a month and is working on trying to stop smoking. But there is a daughter who lives next door who has two kids and we are working with them to marry them (as in the daughter) and then try and help the dad stop smoking and drinking so that he and his wife can be baptized. That would be five with all of them. But the amazing thing is that the daughter’s husband is trying to change and went to church yesterday. So if you can pray for the Escalante Family and the Rineda and Roldan families so that they can all be baptized.

But it doesn't end there. On Saturday an appointment fell through and I just felt to visit a family who were returning to church. We shared D&C 121 and we found out that she didn't pay her tithing for a few months, but had then paid that and is now up to date, and that more importantly he had the desire to go to the temple for the first time. The following day, Sunday, the stake presidency had a meeting with the family and so that night they called me telling me that they will be sealed as a family on the 24 of this month and that the mom was crying and telling me that I had to be there. I dropped on my knees crying in thanks for that great blessing. It is the Family Gaytan who I truly love like my own family. I was the first person they called after talking with the stake presidency. I hope and pray that I can be there to see that great blessing. (P.S. Hermano Gaytan told me that I have to come back and that we will spend a week at the coast and that if I wanted we can go up to Peten for a few days in his truck.)

But I have seen some great blessings coming upon us and I pray that we can have these two weddings and I can be there for the sealing because the rules about going to the temple are strict. So please pray for these things so that these miracles can come to pass. But I have seen the importance of the family as well here because it seems like miracles come true when they are about families and how they are living the ordinances of the gospel.

Well, I love you all and tell you these things so that you can join us in prayer and not to show off in pride because I realize this is truly the Lord’s Hand and not by any means me. I love you all and hope all is well. And thank you all for your love and support.

P.S. I am going to buy shoes tomorrow because mine are dead and I believe that you do not need a receipt to get them to send new shoes to you for after the mission. But I love you all and pray for your safety.

Love, Elder Musick

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Bday, Presidente

Elder Musick (in upper left hand corner) helps wish President Baldwin a Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Peruvian Companion Change

Well, I am doing good. I did not have changes but my companion did. I have received Elder Calta from Peru -awesome, right? He is a very humble, loving, kind, and positive person. He was actually trained by Elder Jimenez who was my companion at the coast. It is his third change in the mission and he has been out for 4 months. His parents are not members, just three of his siblings are. He is a convert of three years. He learned Spanish and I guess had kind of a hard time in the CCM with it. He knows two Peruvian languages. I pretty much received the opposite of Elder Vallecillo, my old companion. The district had some odd changes because all those who had one change in their areas all left except one, but his companion will die this change. And all those who have more time in their areas stayed.

(Elder Calto is the only elder in the front row - on right side)

My back is fine; it really is all better.

About our investigators, it is a little more difficult because the ward is pretty weak, even though we have seen some big changes, we really receive little to no help and 0 references. But we are here working hard and trying to figure out what we can do better. This change should be exciting because I believe that we are going to have zone conference and I believe Elder Martino will be present. And our convert, Susy, is looking for work. She was offered a job and it was super nice, but they wanted a ton of things like work on Sunday and she said no and now is still looking. So I felt really proud of her. As for us we were contacting the other day and a family let us in and we taught them and are going to return to visit them on Saturday. It is really amazing to contact and have people let us in and listen, too and we truly pray we can have more of those because that is the only way we are finding new investigators. I am very excited but nervous for this change, but I have great hope for it and a lot of support from my companion.

I loved all of the messages and felt very loved and am very excited that you all were able to celebrate Grandma's birthday. I do love you all and pray all is well for you guys.

As for my shoes and backpack I think I will just buy them here and that way I can just have the replacements shoes for after the mission. I do love you all and pray that you will all have a great week and that you guys don't get to baggy - I mean I do have a little more than 8 months to go, so don't go planning my homecoming just yet.

I love you all, Elder Musick

Monday, September 6, 2010

A big change for Elder Musick!

Leaving the office in June 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Guatemala City Central Blog

On the Guatemala City Central Mission Blog ( there is a picture of Elder Vallecillo, Sam's current companion, in the first picture (far left) of the 2010 June Zone Conference Photos. Also there is a video with just a peak at Sam helping at the service project in 2010 May Service Project. I'd recognize that head anywhere!