Monday, October 25, 2010

Another new companion in Amatitlan

Elder Musick's new companion is the third from the right, Elder Adams.

Well, I got a shocker this past week because it turned out that my comp. left and I stayed here in Amatitlan. So those in the office lied to me, but it turned out that I am training an Elder Adams from Arizona. He is about my height, but is whiter than me so everyone is very stunned when we walk by. I was very shocked because usually people train in the capital and I am the only one who is training outside of the capitol. The other crazy thing was that they changed the district up and now we are six: four elders and two sisters ... so we'll see how that goes.

They just had a family baptism last Saturday of three. I am very excited about the changes that were made. I thought it was interesting because the old assistant - who is my good friend - told me that they have been sending me hard comps for the last two changes. I thought they were a little more difficult, but I didn't think I was getting them because they were hard. I am excited to see what will happen.

Well, during the week we found out that we will have to marry another couple: it turns out to be the parents of the Fam. Roldan.

I am sorry this is short; I had to help my district use the internet so I couldn't write too much, but I love you all and ask for your prayers for the district to complete our goals we have set.

Regarding Christmas - just candy is fine and maybe two shirts and some thin socks, not thick ones.

I love you all and am sorry, but next week will be better.

Monday, October 18, 2010

This week ...

Well, this last week my companion was feeling just fine and so we were able to work. One thing that was really sad is that we had been teaching a family and they seemed to always have difficulties so we invited them to go with us to church for the fourth and last time. He said no in a nice way, of course, but then we explained the Sabbath and then invited him and he said no. I asked if he had something to do and he said no and so I just said it is just because you don't want to and he started talking about such odd stuff about the covenant with Abraham. So we explained we would not come back and some other things; but really it just makes us sad when I have felt the spirit testify to someone and they do not care to listen.

All the members keep asking what is going to happen with changes and who's out and the thing is I kind of know what is going to happen, but have not said a thing - nor will I till I have received the call. But it is really sad knowing what is going to happen seeing all these investigators say how much they love me or that it would be weird without me. So I can't lie, things will be hard these next couple of days. The other thing is that they changed change date to Wednesday and not Monday. We will find out changes tonight even though I know that Elder __________ [I don't want his mother to read this before he tells her] will be the next assistant to the President and that the district I am in will be combined with another and part of it will be its own district. I will tell you where I am going and what I am doing in the following week.

We also had the baptisms of the Roldan Family and I baptized the father and my companion baptized the mother and the bishop baptized the daughter. It was such a good baptism because we had a good number of members and watched a very cool video after on the life of Christ that was like six minutes long. That family is amazing -they want to go to the temple and be sealed and learn and change and do anything that we challenge them to do. Now we are working with the wife's parents. They have been to church a lot and want to be members but struggle with a few things.

But I love you guys and ask for your prayers that I can be the best I can and won't have to suffer from more back problems and other sicknesses because I have learned those are not fun.

I love you all so much
Elder Musick

Monday, October 11, 2010

Trapped...a videos! Oh My!

Well, this last week was a super, super hard week because my comp. got sick. They think he had chicken pox or Dengue; we are still waiting on the results. So this last week we had one lesson and were in the house all week. We went to the capital twice to have his blood drawn. But really this last week was boring and sad. But I do have some great news: the Roldan Family got married on Saturday so this Saturday we should have three baptisms and we are so very excited. They are very happy and working so hard to change and be better. It truly is so amazing to see the change that this gospel brings to the lives of those who truly seek for it. I was really sad because we could not be at the wedding because Saturday we got a call and we had to go to the capital to get my comp's blood drawn so we missed it, but I sent someone with my camera and I will send some photos next week. The cool part was that we had a lot of our investigators at the wedding and actually the Escalante Family was there and they are talking about getting married as well. So that is really all that happened this last week.

In other news, I got copies of videos of a new program that they are implementing throughout the world. This morning I was using them to teach in the district meeting; I thought it went really well. It is called the district 2. I don't know if Katie ever saw them, but they are truly amazing and the videos are mine so I can use them after the mission, too. I can make myself mission baggy after the mission. But I think it helped us understand our purpose as missionaries better. One Elder in the district is going home this change and he was asking me for copies so that he could watch them after his mission.

I also realized that it will be super hard to go home and study because I am so accustomed to being outside. I did pretty good through the week (being trapped in the house) until yesterday I lost it I was just walking around pacing and trying to do something but it was really hard.

Next Monday will not be changes, but it will be Wednesday so I will know Monday night if we have changes or not. I really hope I don't have changes because I really love this place. It is super hard because the ward is so weak, but I just have learned to love it. Yesterday I felt to bear my testimony so I got up and after me a member got up and gave a soft sweet testimony about how the ward needs to help the missionaries and other things, of course. But afterwards I thanked him and he asked if we have changes coming up and I said, Not until the 20th” and he said, “I hope not” and gave me a hug. I was very touched by his desire to serve.

I love you all and hope all is well. Thank you for the Priesthood line of authority. I love you, mom, so much and hope all is well with you.

P.S. Tomorrow we are going to Antigua and I think I am going to buy a backpack because mine is breaking. There I can haggle to work it down to a low price. I know I am spending a lot of money lately but it is for my mission and all of these things are to last me to the end and after. I hope you’re not mad about the money thing but I love you.
Elder Musick.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Loving Conference ...

Well, for conference I got to watch it all in English with about six gringos which was nice. We had the Pineda Family there for two sessions and the guys showed up for the Priesthood session. They all really enjoyed it. We had a few others show up so it really was excellent. I truly loved every second of it. It really is so much better in the mission because all we do is just focus on the gospel. It is like the Superbowl or the World Cup for missionaries. Seeing all the big name players show us how it is done. Out of all of them I loved Uchtdorf, Ballard, and Monson … well, really all of them. But I will say we priesthood holders need to prepare ourselves because they were calling on us to be better and reminding us how the family will be attacked. We definitely need to analyze ourselves better.

This last week was a crazy week. We had divisions for three days for training and then conference on the weekend, so working in the area was a little more difficult. We are hoping to have at least one wedding and to have at least three baptisms the following week. It would be the Roldan Family. They are doing so well, working so hard to progress and change. They showed up to conference without us and really early to get a good seat.

Well, I hope the rain stops because it has been bad. I sent a picture (below) when I was at the Gaytan family's house - I was soaked so they gave me something to drink and clothes to warm me up. Also pictures of the baptisms we had last change and some other cool ones.

Well, I love you guys and hope all is well. I pray all is well with you guys and that you are having a great time.
Love you all, Elder Musick.

PS Mom can you e-mail me my Priesthood line of authority and a photo of my baptism for next week and send the line in Spanish please. (?) I bought a memory stick so that I can send photos without hooking the camera to the computer and messing up the camera (like the last one). Love & thanks.