Monday, October 25, 2010

Another new companion in Amatitlan

Elder Musick's new companion is the third from the right, Elder Adams.

Well, I got a shocker this past week because it turned out that my comp. left and I stayed here in Amatitlan. So those in the office lied to me, but it turned out that I am training an Elder Adams from Arizona. He is about my height, but is whiter than me so everyone is very stunned when we walk by. I was very shocked because usually people train in the capital and I am the only one who is training outside of the capitol. The other crazy thing was that they changed the district up and now we are six: four elders and two sisters ... so we'll see how that goes.

They just had a family baptism last Saturday of three. I am very excited about the changes that were made. I thought it was interesting because the old assistant - who is my good friend - told me that they have been sending me hard comps for the last two changes. I thought they were a little more difficult, but I didn't think I was getting them because they were hard. I am excited to see what will happen.

Well, during the week we found out that we will have to marry another couple: it turns out to be the parents of the Fam. Roldan.

I am sorry this is short; I had to help my district use the internet so I couldn't write too much, but I love you all and ask for your prayers for the district to complete our goals we have set.

Regarding Christmas - just candy is fine and maybe two shirts and some thin socks, not thick ones.

I love you all and am sorry, but next week will be better.

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