Monday, November 22, 2010

All is well...

Well, this last week we had “Family Week” in the stake and had activities every night during the week. As missionaries in the stake, we had an open house Tuesday and gave a tour of the plan of salvation - which everyone loved. We had several people there and all of them really enjoyed it. We have one investigator that is really progressing; her name is Hilda and she is the one who went on the church tours in the states and is now reading the Book of Mormon like crazy. We have other families that we are working with, but sadly none of them are married. So it will be another process. We had a young man of has been inactive for four years and he came back to church yesterday and we are teaching his family. He is a scout and loves the fact that all four of us elders in the ward are all scouts too.

Elder Allen and Johnson had a wedding and we were trying to get people there and the Roldan family(my converts) was there. I think they are the most faithful members in the ward; they are just so willing to help in whatever way they can. I really love them a lot. We had changed the ward mission plan and we are working on getting it into effect and we have seen some progress which is amazing.

As for my boy, he seems to be growing a lot and doing really well. His Spanish is improving a lot and teaches very well. And he understands how things should be. We are in the last week of the change even though next week I will write you here I will find out what will happen to us the following Monday in the night. So who knows?

Well, I hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving day because tomorrow we are having an activity as a zone to celebrate as well. I love you all and thank you for your love and support.

Love, Elder Musick.

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