Monday, November 15, 2010

A Good and Busy Week

~~~~~ Goofy or squirrelly? I can't decide! ~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Definitely goofy!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

So this last week we contacted a reference from the Gaytan Family. She lives alone and just had an operation about two weeks ago. But the thing is, she went to the states to visit her cousin and happened to go on the church tour and went to the grove and to Joseph Smith's house and everything. She says she loved every second of it. She has such a desire to listen and go to church but can't because she is still getting better.

We also went to visit an inactive member and he is a very active scout and loves the fact that my comp. and I were Eagle Scouts. We are starting to teach his mom and we hope to have success with them. We also had some inactive members attending regularly so we have been excited about that.

With my comp. things are going well - his Spanish is getting better and a lot of the members give him a lot of credit for it. Time is really flying right now because this change has gone by really, really fast. I think I will be here another change with my "boy". We have seen some changes: we have a ward mission plan and at least some of the members are starting to help us. There is still a lot to do. Yesterday we were blessed because we had three families come to church and we need your prayers for them so they can progress.

We also went to the zoo and that was okay because I have been there three times now, but the best part was riding the little kids train. That was probably my highlight. I am also sending some of the wedding pictures and another of the piƱata that I bought for the district. That was pretty fun.

That was pretty cool that you guys had a [stake] conference and everything. How are those new manuals and what changed? I don't see any of them but the super, super old temple prep manual for the class I am teaching.

I love you all and hope Katie is excited because she should be. But I love you all and will write you next week.
Elder Musick.

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