Monday, November 1, 2010

Keeping the work moving

Well, Saturday and Sunday we had a district fast so that we can have families for the 27 to be baptized. My district is a lot smaller now, but I really enjoy them. As far as the ward is - we are trying hard to work with them, but it truly is a struggle because there really aren't too many active people that are willing or want to work with us. So we have decided to have an activity this month with the leaders to help them work together because that is probably the biggest problem. As a district we had some success with 7 baptisms, but we now are struggling with new investigators. We are trying to set goals and doing a few things differently so that we can have better success.

In my companionship we did well in finding new investigators but some of the others in the district are having a real struggle to meet their commitments. We did find a new investigator that knows English really well because he taught himself; he lives next to the church and is 18 and is a giant sports guy so I think tomorrow we are going to play with him and a few less actives to help them all out.

Things here are going great but it was really funny because today is Dia de los Muertos and so last night the Catholic church had a giant parade and it went straight through my area and I don't think that I have ever seen some many people hate me (?) in my life - it was silly. They would block off the roads and stop traffic and it was just silly.

Yesterday we - the four missionaries and the ward mission leader - also went around and visited some of the leaders to invite them to the activity we are going to have. The bishop does love us because we brought the attendance up but we still don't get much help. But I have heard promises from the stake presidency that things are going to change. I hope that is true because we are trying to push a mission plan that is from Salt Lake and use it in the whole mission, but we aren't having too much luck. So if you could just keep the ward in your prayers so that we can truly make the difference with this ward.

But as far as Elder Knight, he is in Chimaltenango by Antigua and I don't know what he would like. But with my comp. right now, I think he will get stuff and I think I will be with him another change. Hermana Chavez loves her present (apron) and uses it always. I love you all and hope all is well for you and thanks dad for the letter.
Love, Elder Musick

[If he didn't add that last paragraph I would have had to wonder if her even read my letter. We can tell he is so focused on the mission and his work. It does our heart good.]

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