Monday, November 29, 2010

"You can only get so American in Guatemala"

Well, this last week we had a nice Thanksgiving because our zone all chipped in and bought stuff and made a nice turkey, well, two, and a lot of other things. We also played some football as in American football. But I do miss the days that I could play pick up games and never be sore, now it hits me pretty hard.

On Wednesday we had interviews. I had a nice chat with President Baldwin and Sister Baldwin brought us pumpkin pie - which was amazing. But the amazing part was that we, as in the four missionaries in the ward, bought a turkey and our cook made us a massive lunch with potatoes and pie and rice and salad; but the pie wasn't all that great because it was a squash pie. You can only get so American in Guatemala.

On Friday, as a district, we went to a school to help paint which was pretty fun but I will say that I will slap any child that treats American schools as a naught because here in Guatemala it is something truly sad. They don't have many things nor are the buildings nice; it really is sad how they look, but I can't tell you how they are as far as the teaching, but I can say it is different.

Here is a pretty bad story: we were on our way back and we saw some of the Sister's investigators that happen to be about our age. I was behind them all while the rest were in front of me. They said good-bye to the sisters with a Guatemalan hand shake and then a kiss; they also thought it appropriate to show the same to me. And before I knew what happen I got two kisses on my cheek and I was pretty embarrassed. Everyone else thought it was so funny, but I did not at all. Then the following day we helped move Jessica and her family (the one I baptized in August) but she just moved to the other area but are still in the ward.

And like every good Bishop (similar to dad) he forgot to assign someone and so right before the meeting he asked me to speak in Sacrament meeting and I spoke on families. And then right after I taught the temple prep class to a couple who will get married this month.

As far as investigators, we had a fairly good number, but the thing is, it is hard to keep it consistent - as in the people. Because one week it is one person and the following week it is another. So we are working to try and keep it consistent.

So I talked to some of my friends in the office and it looks like I will be staying here another change and that Elder Allen is leaving and that Hermana Wetzel will stay and train and Hermana Rubio will be leaving and going up. So we will see how changes really come out tonight.

I hope all is well with Uncle Dan and I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and hope all is well with you.

Love, Elder Musick.

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