Sunday, December 12, 2010


-Written by Missionary Mom Sally Tielemans of Henderson, Nevada

1. Last Christmas we were counting our money; this Christmas we are counting our blessings.

2. Last Christmas we were giving thanks for gifts from stores; this Christmas we are giving thanks for gifts from God.

3. Last Christmas we valued things that were costly; this Christmas we value things that are holy.

4. Last Christmas we were wrapping gifts; this Christmas we are wrapped up in the work.

5. Last Christmas we looked into people's eyes when we spoke; this Christmas we look into their hearts.

6. Last Christmas we prayed to obtain a testimony; this Christmas we pray to share our testimony with others.

7. Last Christmas we were impatient with the weaknesses of others; this Christmas we are working on our own.

8. Last Christmas we read the scriptures as a duty; this Christmas we read them as a joy.

9. Last Christmas we thought it was enough to celebrate the holidays; this Christmas we are finding ways to consecrate them.

10. Last Christmas, Guatemala was just a place on a map; this Christmas, it is a place in our hearts.

This may be why he mentioned last week that this Christmas is so much better than last year.

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