Monday, June 20, 2011

Final Mission Blog Post

Final Good-Byes and Good Luck from the Mission to Elders Musick, Velasquez and Lopez from GCCM blog.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy to be Home!?

Sneak Peaks at Flea Bite scars

Some mention had been made regarding fleas in Guatemala. I sneaked a few pictures that show off some flea bite scars. I am sure they speak for themselves. (click to enlarge)

Family - happy to have him home!

(Missing Dad - he was at meetings at church)

Friends and Missionaries reunited

Sam - Guatemala; Nathan - Georgia; Brent - Italy

Bearing gifts - Machetes!

Family Welcoming Him Home

Thursday, June 9, 2011

He's Home!! (at the airport)

I know it has been three weeks since Elder Musick came home, but during that time we have had a house full - 15 people visiting - a camping trip to Santa Cruz, a wedding in Salt Lake City and driven over 2,000 miles. I can't begin to count the laundry loads, let's just say a lot! So there are my excuses and here are the pictures of his homecoming - finally!

We see him coming ....

Brody gets first hug.

Parker meets Sam for the first time ... he likes him!

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Shoes

My Shoes

I had a cool experience the other day. In the transfers I was listening to the testimony of one of the new gringos. I looked at his shoes and then I looked at mine. Tears came to my eyes. His shoes were brand new and shine-- just like the elder with his animo ready to work.

Mine were old and beat up but with a world of experience--just like the elder wearing them.

I started thinking of my shoes. They've passed though two sewing jobs, four sole replacements, and an infinite amount of paint jobs. They've passed through the halls of the MTC, pounded the paved streets of Guatemala City, and kicked up dust in the small village of Amatitlan. They've carried Books of Mormon, pamphlets, and sacks of vegetables and corn. They've tracked through sun, rain, mud and ash. They've witnessed the visit of an Apostle, the work of the mission president, and most important, the conversion and baptism of many humble Lamanites.

They love to play B-Ball with the youth, soccer with the street kids, walk to charlas and rest under the bed at night. They've been in the jaws of a dog and within the walls of the Temple. They see miracles constantly and go through heaven and hell daily. They have passed though many unexpected things and uncountable beautiful experiences-- the most beautiful this world can provide. But most important is that through all this walking, sweating, crying and laughing they have followed a path that has led them to eternal happiness.

They have followed the same path two beat-up sandals followed in Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago. They have followed the path of "The Master." They have taken up their cross for the love of the Guatemalan people just as those two sandals, covered in blood, took up their cross for the love of all mankind. And, just as those sandals, these two shoes have found that as they have lost their life in the service of others they have truly found themselves. They have found and eternal joy bigger than this world can provide. They have found that it's not what's on the outside that counts but what's inside the soul.

And despite all they've been through, their favorite time and place is early in the morning or late at night, face down on the cement floor, praying to their eternal and loving Father, and their Brother and Master who showed the path for all shoes to follow back to their creator, their Savior, who paved that path with blood and tears, making it possible for all to return.

These shoes aren't just for two years but are ready to walk to the ends of the earth and through all eternities to follow that path and help others to find it. I love these shoes and I love my Savior. I know he lives! I love this work!

I remember a story Brigham Young told. He was visiting a young lady on her deathbed. She had given up all her hopes for the future and her schooling at a very young age to go to work to support herself and her brother when their mother died and left them orphans. She had spent her short life working with her hands to feed her brothers. She asked Pres. Young how the Lord would know that she is His. Pres. Young said, "Show Him your hands."

When I return to my Maker, I'm going to show him my shoes.

--Author Unknown

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Zone - Last District - Last Tie

This tie was signed by his zone and given to him before he left.

Thank you Sister Park - from his District - for sending these pictures (through her blog).

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Last Letter ... :)

Well, the Ramos family got baptized a true miracle but I will tell you all of that later. Tomorrow the temple and then home. I love you all and will see you later.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day call

We had a great conversation with Elder Musick last night. We probably overwhelmed him with our enthusiasm and excitement that seems to be building every day. He will be visiting old areas this week and will hopefully have a family baptism next Sunday. He received permission to attend the temple sealing next Tuesday of a family he worked with becoming reactivated. He is very excited for that. Yesterday he spoke at church with the Bishop and the Stake President. We asked if he was a "Big Deal" and he didn't think so :) He used to think so in High School - lol!) We encouraged him to leave behind anything that the other elders and members could use - pack light - especially when he told us he has fleas right now .... UGH! Anyway, it was great to hear him laugh. All of us are ready for his return, even though it seems so unreal. Hurrah for Israel, Sam!

It was nice talking to you guys last night. It was odd that is for sure, but I am excited to come home and see you guys; but I am pretty sad that I have to leave here. It is like going home but at the same time leaving home. I will be able to check my e-mail next week so if you want to send me my topic for my talk that would be great. Well, this next week should be a great week but I will have to work really hard to make sure everything turns out well.

I love you all and will see you guys soon.
Love, Elder Musick.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally ... May!

Well, last week was a good week I think. On Monday we worked with a recent convert Hugo to write his testimony in the Book of Mormon and then we went with him on Wednesday to give it to his friend and after that he has been giving a lot of references to us. He only has three months as a member. That night we had a family night with the bishop but the family that they were working with didn't show up so tonight we will go again. Hugo also found out that I am going home soon and told me that I had to stop by the Monday before I go home. I have really enjoyed working with him and I think he has enjoyed working with us.

On Tuesday we just had a few appointments but also we had coordination with a mission leader and are working to get a thing called the mission process and things are somewhat moving.

On Wednesday I had to go to the capital for a meeting for all the district leaders which was good, but it has been the same one for the last five times; it doesn't change too much. But in the night time we had a lesson with the Benbow Family - he is Seventh-day whatever and the wife is a member but things are hard there because the wife doesn't really support us or him and he has a lot of questions which are harder to answer because he just trusts the Bible.

On Friday I was on divisions and had to do a baptismal interview but I had to say no because they had a problem with the Word of Wisdom. It is interesting because I could feel that something was wrong but she was doing so well and then that is when I started to verify and found out. But I am grateful the Spirit has truly been a blessing in many cases like that. We also found a family of five by contacting a door and they let us in and we just talked about baptism and then we challenged them and they said yes if the Lord tells them what we teach is true, but they could have a lot of potential. But we will see.

Saturday we went to help fix a table that I broke because we were making donuts and I was making the dough and the leg of the table broke. So we went and fixed it and then I taught English to one of the kids in the family that had some homework. Then that night I spoke at an activity with the youth about missionary work and then the Stake President spoke and his wife. Then there was food after.

Yesterday during church we had to give an example of the Atonement of Christ to help the Relief Society and the President asked us to help. We gave her the example and she had to teach it. It turned out great because all the women cried because the President offered cookies and me and my comp. had to do 10 push-ups for every person whether they wanted the cookie or not. We had to do like 200 or so. But I think the point was clearly made.

Also the Ramos family came but our biggest problem is his work because we don't know if he will be able to attend. So we are praying and working to help them. But the husband says he wants to be baptized the 15th but the wife is kind of here and there. But it is an amazing family. Next Tuesday I will visit my old members in an old area.

But love you all,
Elder Musick.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Mission Board

On the lower right corner is the Villa Nueva Zone and on the far side is Elder Musick and his companion and his district. (He is the only blonde in the zone.)
There are more fun pictures of the mission office on the GCC Blog

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Week

Well, this week was odd, that’s for sure. Our area is right by a central park in Villa Nueva and so it was pretty quiet during the week because everyone goes to the coast but we had parades go through our area. On Friday we had zone conference, my last one and I bore my testimony, which was super sad. Afterwards we had to get off the bus before the park and then try and walk through hundreds of people - being careful not to step on the carpets or what they make for the parade to walk over.

Right now we are in summer here and in the afternoon it is really humid, but after that it is nice and cool and sometimes it rains.

This week we have been working with the Ramos Family and they accepted a baptismal date for the 15th of May, but the husband’s work might make it hard for him to attend - so hopefully he can. We also had a ward activity and we played futbol and had a BBQ. The Ramos family said they loved it because of the unity they saw and also because everyone played and they weren't fighting. So I am pretty sure they will get baptized and hopefully it will be before I go.

I wore my new suit and it was a big, big hit in the zone conference - everyone loved it. I am pretty excited for this next week because people will be back in town week.

Love you all,
Elder Musick

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter week = Guatemalans on vacation

Elder Musick with Elder Vallecillo - an previous companion, now in his district
Elder Musick getting desperate for investigators or going to the dogs! :)

Well, on Monday we helped some of the ward members by changing some of the tin sheet on their roofs - that didn't take too long. This last week and also for this week we have been waking up at 4:40 am to call a family so that they can read and we read at the same time as they do. It is the ______ Family and they are doing good. Last night we had a lesson with them and for the past week I have felt like something has been wrong and last night we found out why. The husband works really late and when he leaves there is a girl that waits for him to walk home with him. He is a nice, but naive man that would do it but then stopped and his wife found out and they are having some hard times in their relationship. So last night we explained what they had to do so that they can get over these things, but it was so nice to be able to get that out of them.

On Thursday we helped Pedro Calel fill out his first tithing slip and he was very excited to turn it in, but it was sad because he couldn't - he had to take his daughter of one year and a few months to the doctor because she has an infection.

On Friday I went on divisions with Elder Rosales from El Salvador and that was great because he is a great missionary who I just enjoy being around and talking to. He has family in Cali and has been there as well and has plans to go there when he gets back. He will probably go to the office this change as Assistant to President Baldwin and also for President Braugh from Utah.

On Saturday we were contacting a little bit and as we were contacting a man call us over and he turned out to be a member who is inactive and his wife is not a member but the thing is that his wife is old enough to be his mom - which is kind of creepy. But he came with us to church yesterday and it was awesome because our recent covert Hugo gave him a great, warm welcome.

Well, that is what happened this last week. This week we will have zone conference which will be my last one so I will have to bear my testimony which will be sad - but I think I will go in my new suit. :) Also this week, it should be interesting because everyone has vacations and it might be hard to find people here. But we will be just fine.

Regarding housing I really don't care but off campus might be good because I can cook my own food which I think I would prefer. And in Idaho, that sounds good to me. And also I might need a little bit more money to buy everything for the family, but I will let you know next week. Also how long will I have at home before I go to Utah?

Well, I love you all and hope that you guys are doing well.
Love, Elder Musick

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a quick one ...

Well, this last week was a harder week for us but at times it is good to have a hard week because those are the weeks that we grow the most. I did get my suit and it is amazing - if I do say so myself.

With these last changes it should make things interesting because my district is a lot different and I can see that I will have to be sure of what could happen. One thing I have learned is that it is not always the the problems we face but how we react to them can be the difference and is what matters most. I pray that you are all okay and that this next week I will write some more but I have even less time to write because we got here late and we have some appointments to go to. I love you all and pray that you are all okay.
Love Elder Musick

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A surprise photo

Thanks to Sister Park for taking and sending this picture and her mom for posting it on her blog. It is always nice to see Elder Musick on his mission. He is on far left.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Loving Conference

Well, conference - as always - was amazing. It is so hard to pick a favorite because they were all truly amazing, but I liked Pres. Uchtdorf's Priesthood session talk about the man who lived beneath his privileges (on the cruise) and that as holders of the Priesthood we must not live below our privilege, but seek to receive all the blessings and to magnify our Priesthood. I really loved it all but when the topic of marriage came up I did not like it because there were eight of us and they all liked to make comments to me. But it was some food for thought, but thoughts for the future are in the far distant future.

This last week my companion and I were sick and were down for the count for a few days with a fever, but we are fine now. We had a lesson last night with the Ramos family and they liked church and it calls their attention, but they can't accept that they need to be baptized again because the Bible says only one baptism. So we are working with them to help them get over that challenge. The other difficult part is that he works like a slave. I am amazed at how much these people work for so little.

I can't believe that Jared is turning 30. How old! :)

Well, tomorrow I will finally get my suit; it looks good to me, I hope you guys agree. About the scripture case I need to know the size and what he wants on it as in what pictures to put on it. I heard that there are some machetes that have engravings on them and it would cost about the same as mine so I might get that because they are cooler, but let me know if it has to be the exact same type.

Well, things are good here but not a whole lot happened this past week so I don't have a whole lot to tell you all but I love you all and will see you soon.

Pictures from the GCCM blog

Elder Musick is in the top right hand corner of the picture smiling heartily. This is a picture of the leaders in the city zones.

Elder Musick is peeking out in the center of picture - picture is of the missionaries in the Mariscal and Villa Nueva zones of Guatemala City

Thank goodness for the mission blogs so we can see a photo of Elder Musick from time to time.

Monday, March 28, 2011

March Madness

It is true, I probably got spoiled for my birthday.

Well, we are working with a family that came to church yesterday and they seem real positive. We share a building and the other elders had a family baptism and the wife was asking us if they can be baptized again and that is their big problem - if they can be baptized again. But they are very open and hope that we can get them to conference this weekend.

I have spent most of my mission in the capitol and that is pretty much what the entire South mission has (for a newly called GCS missionary from your stake). I am still District leader and training and I am in my seventh change as a district leader. I will have 14 out of 16 changes in the capital. I just had two in the coast for two changes. About baptisms this last month in the zone we had 22 baptisms and in Feb. the mission had 141 but that was a record high in the history of the mission.

One of Sam's friends serving in Italy made the comment that South America has Baptizing missions, The United States has Teaching missions, and Europe has Fellowshipping missions. This was his response to that:
But I cannot really tell you if the teaching baptizing and fellowship thing is true but I do know their is an expectation to baptism always. What I have also learned is that when people say things are hard, we tend to put that in our head and we fall into the same thing and just expect things to be the same. I realize this because people told me this place was hard but we have been blessed. People also said Amatitlan was hard and we were able to baptize. But what I am saying is that we have to be positive and we can be the means to bring about miracles. I also realize that Europe is a harder place because we have even heard it said here from the area presidency.

I also did not get my suit yet because I need to get my vest ;) fitted but I will do that tomorrow and so within the following weeks I should get my suit. I am pretty stoked for it, though. (Funny thing, before his missions he would never wear a suit coat and now he is getting a vest!)

Well, right now I have the flu and so I am not doing so fly and will probably have to go and rest for I little bit because we have some really important citas tonight. One is with the family that came to church. We are going to have a family night with them and another family so that is super important. But don't worry I will be fine and thank you for the candy I am really enjoying it.

I love you all, Elder Musick.

PS What do you think Jared, Jordan, Lance and also what do you guys want from Guatemala? If you can help me out because I think this next change we will be going to Antigua and that is where I will buy all that I can for everyone.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday, Elder!

Well, for my Birthday - it started with going to our cook’s house and eating breakfast and I got a cake. After that we went to give service to a member whose regular job is making cakes, so they made me a cake as well. Then after painting her house, we left and went to eat lunch and shower and then to work. We had interviews for our investigators and afterwards we went to a baptism that the sisters had. As we returned we stopped by some inactive member’s house and they gave me dinner of rice and chicken, which was very sweet because they struggle with money. After that we went to our other cook’s house and had dinner and a cake and they sang and made hats and had balloons and everything waiting for me. It was a very crazy day, but blessed because we found a family that same day. Also the sisters in my district bought me a cake for today and the zone leaders got me McDonald's. I was very surprised to be treated so well. I did get your letters but no packages yet. [I counted 4 cakes in there – whoa, baby!]

We did have a baptism service Sunday and it was very special because there were so many people there. The building is shared by two wards and so the other elders with their investigators came to see it, too. It was standing room only. Next week they will be confirmed.

We also had a conference with Elder Falabella last Thursday and it was a really good conference. I also sang in it. There were five of us and at one point a sang a duo - if you can believe that because I still can't. So that is what has been going on lately with me.

About school - even though the Foreign Language Hall sounds like a great help, I think it might be too much of a commitment. Just go with what you feel like and I am sure it will be best for me.

I love you all and thank you for everything you guys do for me. And tomorrow I should be getting my suit.

Love you all, Elder Musick

Monday, March 14, 2011

" heart won't let me stop."

Okay, so this week, can you do me a favor? Make up a wish list for those in the family so that I can keep my eyes out and I think next change we are going to go to Antigua so I can look there for souvenirs. That would help me out a ton.

My suit will be ready in a week from tomorrow. I am so excited to see it.

Yesterday (Sunday) we got up at 5:30 to leave the house at 6:30 to gather our investigators. We even went on divisions to try and get them all. Though we didn't get all that we wanted to, we worked hard to get those we could. I am so excited for the Calel family because they are going to get baptized this Sunday the 20th. There will be three and they are so excited. Yesterday I was thinking we needed to cover tithing with them and then in a meeting after we talked about them and how to get the Melchizedek Priesthood, we went to talk to them in the evening. We started teaching and he said that a member gave him the Gospel Principles book and that he was reading about tithing and that they were talking about how they need to do that. It is such a great family that has changed so much, I mean I can even see it in his eyes. It is amazing. I love this great work.

This next week we will have a zone conference with Elder Falabella (bio) the first counselor in the Area Presidency. That will be this Thursday so I am excited to see what will happen. With this conference I will have seen the whole Presidency in my mission - in a zone conference, that is. Well, I have been working hard and doing all that I can and I have seen how amazing the Lord really is.

Today in district meeting I talked about the importance of our purpose as missionaries to baptize and in this mission, to baptize families; and then I spoke about our personal purpose as in why we do what we do and why we came here - to try and stir them to meet their potential. I have no Idea if it worked or not but I pray it did. So as you guys can tell I am not very good at writing letters still after 22 months, you would think I would be better, but I am still trying to get better.

I love you all and this great work even though it is coming to an end I will work till I drop because the time is short, my energy waning, but my heart won't let me stop.

Love, Elder Musick.

P.S. When does Kevin or Matt finish? Keep me up dated on school but not too much because I was about to tell you that I didn't want to hear more and I would deal with it after the mission. So it was a good thing I got in. Love you all.

Monday, March 7, 2011

So things are going well

Well, this week was pretty good because the Calel Family came to church and we are working with them for baptism on the 20th of this month. We still have a lot of work that we need to do to get them there and make sure that he does not fall again and drink. But it really is amazing to see the changes they are making because I can even see it in his countenance. I am pretty excited for some of the people that we have found and that we are working with. I can truly see that every time we teach a family we pray on our knees and we ask the father to pray if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith was a Prophet and it is amazing to see that about 95% of the time they can feel something special and we help them understand what it is. The other day we taught a family about marriage and the wife was unsure about it and so we asked her to pray and after she began to cry because she had felt the spirit. I can see that the Lord will reveal us the truth of all things if we truly ask with a sincere heart, real intent and having faith in Christ. So things are going well.

I want to let you know that I will probably be buying my suit in this next month so if you can check how much money I have and let me know if I have a enough and also will you let me know if I have some to buy some souvenirs?

Also Sister Park is in my district and you can tell her mother that she is doing amazing there because a lot of things changed when she got there and they are having a lot of success.

I love you all and please pray for me so that I know what to do [about school].
Love Elder Musick.

Monday, February 28, 2011

He's a "Daddy" again!

Well, it is kind of ironic that Bethany had Tessa on Sunday because on Wednesday I brought in a big healthy boy into the mission. I didn't name him, but his name is Elder Lagos from Honduras, Choluteca. He is very excited to have a white daddy. And sadly enough Elder Hansen went to Panajachel in Sololá right on the shore of Atitlan. So now I am on my second child. He has told me that he wants to “kill me” (as in the mission) don't worry, my life is not in danger.

I hope Dad had a great b-day and that he doesn't get too old on me. I hope that Bethany is doing okay and also that Tessa isn't too spoiled, but I can only imagine that that is inevitable.

Things here are good; we are working hard to help a couple of families that we have and are working with one in particular. They are the family Calel and he is working on not drinking, so if you could keep him in your prayers.

Okay with the school thing... look into if I take those classes at the Y will they transfer to the BYUI. And have you applied for work or did you not do that? If not, tell me what might be open so that I can make some decisions. This week I will do some thinking and praying, but if you could do that research and we will see how I come out.

I can see that the Lord has his hand in this, though I don't know what I am to do, but the Lord will guide me and I will know what to do. Do not worry, I feel that it is better this way. But if you can keep this subject in your prayers, but more importantly, the families Cruz, Calderon, Calel, Salazar and Ramos. But really the Calel family - so he and the kids can be baptized in March.

I love you and know that things will all work out to our benefit.
Love, Elder Musick.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots of exciting changes coming!

Wow, that is pretty exciting! I am happy to hear that everything is okay and that does not surprise me that Jordan is just hovering over Tessa. I am excited for you all and please keep me updated on everything. (Sam’s sister Bethany just had a baby yesterday)

Regarding BYU, it is Elder Lewis and Elder Lowry who asked about being a roommate. It was pretty weird because I was just studying one morning at 8 and I got a call and it was Elder Lewis asking me if I wanted to room with them in the fall - it caught me off guard. They told me they are looking at Liberty Square, then Monticello, then The Elms. But what I did was send your information to Elder Lewis so he can transfer the info to his mom so you might get a call within this week, just to let you know. Elder Lewis was my comp in the office, if you remember. But please let me know if I got in or not because a lot of the decisions I have to make depend on that.

Well, this week I had to do a baptismal interview for someone who had committed a serious crime and had to call President Baldwin to describe the situation and then he gave me permission to do the interview. I will say that it is something that is truly amazing to do interviews like that because there is such a spirit about it and I can truly feel their level of repentance. What a very humble soul who got in a bad situation and had no way out.

Well, changes are this week so we will find out tonight what will happen. I am positive that I will be staying here so there is nothing to worry about. It is just if my companion will leave or not. So we shall see.
Well, I love you all so very much and please wish Dad a happy birthday.
I love you all.
Elder Musick.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Golf anyone?

Well, this last week was pretty amazing because we went GOLFING - which was awesome for us all. We were 12 in total but broke up into three groups. In my group were Elder Davis and Montoya, the assistants, and then Elder Jacobs and Parker who were secretaries with me. It was really fun and super relaxing. So needless to say, if someone wants to go golfing, you can totally count me in.

We also had a really good week with lots of new investigators and a lot of lessons. We still have a lot to do to improve. We also had a dinner in the stake center with all the bishops and missionaries so that was pretty cool because we talked about some of the things we need to do and how we can better work together. I also went on divisions this last week and did three baptismal interviews. The weeks are going by super fast nowadays. I truly don't feel the weeks.

It is odd to think B will burst soon because I really can't picture her fat. Please describe that one for me - and I mean dad, he will be blunt and tell me ;) Well, I don't know what to tell you but things are going really well. My companion and I are doing really well together and the district is improving every week. I am so grateful for you all and make sure that mom doesn't get to baggy. Bryce and I talk a little by e-mail (we don't worry with pre-mission stuff) and he is talking to me about what we will be doing after the mission. But is he going to church or trying? Maybe you could tell me what he is up to because he won't tell me that stuff. But also, Mom so you know, I will go tomorrow in to get my suit fitted and it will be a nice one. So I imagine I am good to make that suit because you didn't say anything about it. But another thing - my shoes are falling apart and I could try and make them last till I get home or should I get some here - tell me so I can plan. I feel kind of bad spending all this money with golf and then the suit and now maybe shoes, plus you guys all want nativities. So can you give me a little heads up on all of that. I just want to know what I can do with the money because I realize it isn't really mine.

I love you all,
Elder Musick.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"I am enjoying my time here."

Well, I would love a suit. It would be by the same guy who did Elder Montoya's but I don't want the flag (see blog picture) on the inside but I have talked to the guy and he told me that with everything I wanted it would be 1050 Q so in dollars like 130. I would like that and if you could put that money in, I can start the process of my suit because it will take awhile.

Also tomorrow we will be golfing so you also know I will be using some of my Christmas money and a little more. Also if people want stuff from me like Nativities and all that jazz, they need to let me know so I can try and get that stuff for you guys in time.

Yes, we had a conference with Elder Ballard - didn't I tell you about that? It was amazing. And some of our investigators went to it, too.

We also had a baptism of Hugo Padilla and Elder Hansen baptized him so that was pretty amazing because it was his first. We also started teaching a recent convert's husband and had a lesson with him yesterday, his first, and he was very receptive and even accepted to be baptized. We are counting it as a 'for sure' date because it is a while away and we don't know if we'll have any problems. But it was pretty amazing.

Also we were teaching the Cruz Family, the husband is a member the wife isn't. At the end of the lesson we challenged her to pray and ask if Jose Smith was a prophet and if the BOM is the word of Gad and she did it. I felt the Spirit and then asked her how she felt. She said fine and then I asked anything different and she paused and then said kind of. She then explained she felt peace and really calm and then I was able to testify to her that that was the Spirit and I felt like she somewhat understood.

What was really cool is that we had 50 people at the baptism and we have really felt a lot of support from the leaders so things are going great here in La Uniòn.

I love you all and hope you all have a great week and don't worry about me - I am enjoying my time here.

Love, Elder Musick.

P.S. So to cover it again: Golf-tomorrow will be like a little over 50 dollars. The suit for my birthday - 130 and also for my birthday I would like letters from people I haven't heard from and candy and also skinny ties. Love you B and let me know how things go.

Really skinny ties??? OK family and friends - send your Birthday cards to Elder Musick by March 19th. They usually take 2-3 weeks to get there and a card is 98 cents. Let's inundate him!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working Hard, Finishing Strong!

Well, things here are going great. We are trying to work really hard with the members and are seeing some of the results. We were able to find a good number of new investigators, mostly from the members. It was pretty cool because one day we went to an appointment that fell through, so we went to stop by a member’s house and I felt to go down a certain street. We started walking and then I felt a to stop at a certain house - knocked the door and the man invited us in right away, without even asking our names or what church - just opened it and said come on in. I was pretty impressed.

We also have been working with a young man named Luis and every time we ask him to pray if it is true. After every prayer he says he feels weird and then we testify that it is the spirit, but it is hard because he wants something more definite. We also have a recent convert that was baptized because he was working the sound system for EFY; his wife and kids are members. He was also worked the sound system when Elder Ballard and Christofferson came. Well, the Area Presidency heard of the story and he was asked to share his conversion in front of all of them! He was also baptized by a member of the seventy.

We had a zone conference last Friday and it was really, really good. The zone Leaders talked about relationships with our Bishops and at the end Elder Jacobs told me that out of all the missionaries in the zone, I probably knew our Bishop the best even though I have the least amount of time with him. We also went on divisions yesterday and were able to have seven lessons and one with our first counselor and his mother-in-law who has a son in the south mission who entered the mission the same time as me. But the thing is I won't tell anyone my time so she doesn't know that. Well, I can honestly say that I am giving my all so that I can finish strong. I thank you guys for all your letters and words of support. I love you all.
Elder Musick.

P.S. Mom some of the elders in the zone are talking about going golfing. So I’m letting you know I might be using some money soon :) And also towards the end I want to get a new custom suit here that would be like $100 dollars. I think it would be super great deal – just so you know what I am thinking. I love you all.

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Area, Good Area

Well, my new area is great I think because the bishop and his counselor have planned to go out with us every Wednesday night for two hours. Though I feel like I am opening an area because my comp. only knows where the investigators live and none of the members so we have been trying to get to know everyone. I have felt a lot of support from the leaders here and most of the members. We also put a baptismal date for the 5 of February with Hugo Padilla. He is a very sweet old man. Also my Zone Leader is Elder Jacobs from Pleasant Grove, Utah who was also in the office with me for six months. I have felt very welcomed here in the ward and that is good because I will probably “die” (slang for “finish his mission”) here. It is an interesting area but it looks like the projects in LA. I really get along with my companion - he is a great guy – but he really struggles with Spanish, but I have seen some improvement. I hope all is well with you guys. I love you all and thank you for your support and love. Also don't get too baggy. - Elder Musick

Who got caught? .....

Caught smiling and serving at December's Super P-Day Activity ...... Elder Musick and Elder Montoya!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sam and I have been trying to get applications ready to submit by a deadline so he just wrote a short note with the essential info I wanted to know and then the needed essay. I think he must have added the photos to appease me because of the short letter.

I am in a new area and it is still in the capital. It is called La Union in a zone calles Villa Nueva. I am with an Elder Hansen from Utah and this is his second change. He doesn't really know the area or the members so we are working to try to get to know all of them and the area. This ward seems really good and we hope to have success here. I love you all and will write more next week.
Elder Musick

Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011

~~~~~ Leadership Training - December 2010 ~~~~~~

Yes, this week is change week and I will know for sure tonight where I am going.

Today I am pretty excited because I will be going to a meeting with a member of the stake presidency to talk about switching our ward boundaries. I hope we can help him so that this ward won't suffer any more but will finally be able to grow. This last week we were really blessed in having people in church, finding three new families, and seeing a member we brought back into activity speak about missionary work. But today and tomorrow will be sad because I will be saying good-bye to people. But I guess that is how it has to be.

I love you guys and hope that everything can work out well with Uncle Dan. I love you guys a lot and hope that everything so okay.

Love you all, Elder Musick.

Monday, January 3, 2011

To be "Baggy" or not to be "Baggy" ...

This week we got a call from an Office Elder asking into what airport did we want Elder Musick to fly; I said Bakersfield. The next day we got an email with his agenda and it had him flying to LAX then to San Francisco and then into Bakersfield by 7:00 pm. That was the preferred route rather than sit at LAX 9+ hours for a flight to Bakersfield arriving at 11:15 pm. Thinking that flying or sitting around when home is 2 hours away would be painful for us all, so we decided to pick him up in LA at 12:05 May 19th. It seems like a long way off and we hope we can continue to think that way. No sense in making us all crazy with anticipation for 4+ months. I relayed this to Sam and this was his response:

MAN MOM! You are so baggy just thinking about me getting home. I thank you for the BYU thing and I will read it when I have time. And I also told the office elder LAX because I knew it would take forever for me to get home any other way. But I am not baggy so don't worry.

For New Year's Eve I was on divisions with Elder Johnson and we went on top of the roof again, but this time the Chavez Family was up there as well and so that was nice. It was very crazy - it is really like a war zone when I see it all because our house is higher then the pueblo so we can see almost everything.

For church this week, we were so blessed because we had four families there and have seen a lot of progress in them. The 1st counselor's son is coming into activity again and he had a interview with the bishop, as well as another family who we are working with to go to the temple. In church the bishop was saying thank you to us because home teaching doesn't exist and was grateful for our work. We have been blessed because the families we have been working with are now helping us with referrals. Even some went up to bear their testimonies yesterday.

As for changes I think I am out because I had a meeting in the capital and the assistants were asking where I wanted to go. So I think I am out. It was also cool because today I just got a e-mail from my trainer and he is such a great guy. But I love you guys so much and hope you guys don't get to baggy because I will tell I'm not.
I love you,
Elder Musick.