Monday, January 3, 2011

To be "Baggy" or not to be "Baggy" ...

This week we got a call from an Office Elder asking into what airport did we want Elder Musick to fly; I said Bakersfield. The next day we got an email with his agenda and it had him flying to LAX then to San Francisco and then into Bakersfield by 7:00 pm. That was the preferred route rather than sit at LAX 9+ hours for a flight to Bakersfield arriving at 11:15 pm. Thinking that flying or sitting around when home is 2 hours away would be painful for us all, so we decided to pick him up in LA at 12:05 May 19th. It seems like a long way off and we hope we can continue to think that way. No sense in making us all crazy with anticipation for 4+ months. I relayed this to Sam and this was his response:

MAN MOM! You are so baggy just thinking about me getting home. I thank you for the BYU thing and I will read it when I have time. And I also told the office elder LAX because I knew it would take forever for me to get home any other way. But I am not baggy so don't worry.

For New Year's Eve I was on divisions with Elder Johnson and we went on top of the roof again, but this time the Chavez Family was up there as well and so that was nice. It was very crazy - it is really like a war zone when I see it all because our house is higher then the pueblo so we can see almost everything.

For church this week, we were so blessed because we had four families there and have seen a lot of progress in them. The 1st counselor's son is coming into activity again and he had a interview with the bishop, as well as another family who we are working with to go to the temple. In church the bishop was saying thank you to us because home teaching doesn't exist and was grateful for our work. We have been blessed because the families we have been working with are now helping us with referrals. Even some went up to bear their testimonies yesterday.

As for changes I think I am out because I had a meeting in the capital and the assistants were asking where I wanted to go. So I think I am out. It was also cool because today I just got a e-mail from my trainer and he is such a great guy. But I love you guys so much and hope you guys don't get to baggy because I will tell I'm not.
I love you,
Elder Musick.

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