Monday, February 28, 2011

He's a "Daddy" again!

Well, it is kind of ironic that Bethany had Tessa on Sunday because on Wednesday I brought in a big healthy boy into the mission. I didn't name him, but his name is Elder Lagos from Honduras, Choluteca. He is very excited to have a white daddy. And sadly enough Elder Hansen went to Panajachel in Solol├í right on the shore of Atitlan. So now I am on my second child. He has told me that he wants to “kill me” (as in the mission) don't worry, my life is not in danger.

I hope Dad had a great b-day and that he doesn't get too old on me. I hope that Bethany is doing okay and also that Tessa isn't too spoiled, but I can only imagine that that is inevitable.

Things here are good; we are working hard to help a couple of families that we have and are working with one in particular. They are the family Calel and he is working on not drinking, so if you could keep him in your prayers.

Okay with the school thing... look into if I take those classes at the Y will they transfer to the BYUI. And have you applied for work or did you not do that? If not, tell me what might be open so that I can make some decisions. This week I will do some thinking and praying, but if you could do that research and we will see how I come out.

I can see that the Lord has his hand in this, though I don't know what I am to do, but the Lord will guide me and I will know what to do. Do not worry, I feel that it is better this way. But if you can keep this subject in your prayers, but more importantly, the families Cruz, Calderon, Calel, Salazar and Ramos. But really the Calel family - so he and the kids can be baptized in March.

I love you and know that things will all work out to our benefit.
Love, Elder Musick.

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