Monday, February 7, 2011

"I am enjoying my time here."

Well, I would love a suit. It would be by the same guy who did Elder Montoya's but I don't want the flag (see blog picture) on the inside but I have talked to the guy and he told me that with everything I wanted it would be 1050 Q so in dollars like 130. I would like that and if you could put that money in, I can start the process of my suit because it will take awhile.

Also tomorrow we will be golfing so you also know I will be using some of my Christmas money and a little more. Also if people want stuff from me like Nativities and all that jazz, they need to let me know so I can try and get that stuff for you guys in time.

Yes, we had a conference with Elder Ballard - didn't I tell you about that? It was amazing. And some of our investigators went to it, too.

We also had a baptism of Hugo Padilla and Elder Hansen baptized him so that was pretty amazing because it was his first. We also started teaching a recent convert's husband and had a lesson with him yesterday, his first, and he was very receptive and even accepted to be baptized. We are counting it as a 'for sure' date because it is a while away and we don't know if we'll have any problems. But it was pretty amazing.

Also we were teaching the Cruz Family, the husband is a member the wife isn't. At the end of the lesson we challenged her to pray and ask if Jose Smith was a prophet and if the BOM is the word of Gad and she did it. I felt the Spirit and then asked her how she felt. She said fine and then I asked anything different and she paused and then said kind of. She then explained she felt peace and really calm and then I was able to testify to her that that was the Spirit and I felt like she somewhat understood.

What was really cool is that we had 50 people at the baptism and we have really felt a lot of support from the leaders so things are going great here in La Uniòn.

I love you all and hope you all have a great week and don't worry about me - I am enjoying my time here.

Love, Elder Musick.

P.S. So to cover it again: Golf-tomorrow will be like a little over 50 dollars. The suit for my birthday - 130 and also for my birthday I would like letters from people I haven't heard from and candy and also skinny ties. Love you B and let me know how things go.

Really skinny ties??? OK family and friends - send your Birthday cards to Elder Musick by March 19th. They usually take 2-3 weeks to get there and a card is 98 cents. Let's inundate him!!!

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