Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working Hard, Finishing Strong!

Well, things here are going great. We are trying to work really hard with the members and are seeing some of the results. We were able to find a good number of new investigators, mostly from the members. It was pretty cool because one day we went to an appointment that fell through, so we went to stop by a member’s house and I felt to go down a certain street. We started walking and then I felt a to stop at a certain house - knocked the door and the man invited us in right away, without even asking our names or what church - just opened it and said come on in. I was pretty impressed.

We also have been working with a young man named Luis and every time we ask him to pray if it is true. After every prayer he says he feels weird and then we testify that it is the spirit, but it is hard because he wants something more definite. We also have a recent convert that was baptized because he was working the sound system for EFY; his wife and kids are members. He was also worked the sound system when Elder Ballard and Christofferson came. Well, the Area Presidency heard of the story and he was asked to share his conversion in front of all of them! He was also baptized by a member of the seventy.

We had a zone conference last Friday and it was really, really good. The zone Leaders talked about relationships with our Bishops and at the end Elder Jacobs told me that out of all the missionaries in the zone, I probably knew our Bishop the best even though I have the least amount of time with him. We also went on divisions yesterday and were able to have seven lessons and one with our first counselor and his mother-in-law who has a son in the south mission who entered the mission the same time as me. But the thing is I won't tell anyone my time so she doesn't know that. Well, I can honestly say that I am giving my all so that I can finish strong. I thank you guys for all your letters and words of support. I love you all.
Elder Musick.

P.S. Mom some of the elders in the zone are talking about going golfing. So I’m letting you know I might be using some money soon :) And also towards the end I want to get a new custom suit here that would be like $100 dollars. I think it would be super great deal – just so you know what I am thinking. I love you all.

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