Monday, March 28, 2011

March Madness

It is true, I probably got spoiled for my birthday.

Well, we are working with a family that came to church yesterday and they seem real positive. We share a building and the other elders had a family baptism and the wife was asking us if they can be baptized again and that is their big problem - if they can be baptized again. But they are very open and hope that we can get them to conference this weekend.

I have spent most of my mission in the capitol and that is pretty much what the entire South mission has (for a newly called GCS missionary from your stake). I am still District leader and training and I am in my seventh change as a district leader. I will have 14 out of 16 changes in the capital. I just had two in the coast for two changes. About baptisms this last month in the zone we had 22 baptisms and in Feb. the mission had 141 but that was a record high in the history of the mission.

One of Sam's friends serving in Italy made the comment that South America has Baptizing missions, The United States has Teaching missions, and Europe has Fellowshipping missions. This was his response to that:
But I cannot really tell you if the teaching baptizing and fellowship thing is true but I do know their is an expectation to baptism always. What I have also learned is that when people say things are hard, we tend to put that in our head and we fall into the same thing and just expect things to be the same. I realize this because people told me this place was hard but we have been blessed. People also said Amatitlan was hard and we were able to baptize. But what I am saying is that we have to be positive and we can be the means to bring about miracles. I also realize that Europe is a harder place because we have even heard it said here from the area presidency.

I also did not get my suit yet because I need to get my vest ;) fitted but I will do that tomorrow and so within the following weeks I should get my suit. I am pretty stoked for it, though. (Funny thing, before his missions he would never wear a suit coat and now he is getting a vest!)

Well, right now I have the flu and so I am not doing so fly and will probably have to go and rest for I little bit because we have some really important citas tonight. One is with the family that came to church. We are going to have a family night with them and another family so that is super important. But don't worry I will be fine and thank you for the candy I am really enjoying it.

I love you all, Elder Musick.

PS What do you think Jared, Jordan, Lance and also what do you guys want from Guatemala? If you can help me out because I think this next change we will be going to Antigua and that is where I will buy all that I can for everyone.

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