Monday, April 4, 2011

Loving Conference

Well, conference - as always - was amazing. It is so hard to pick a favorite because they were all truly amazing, but I liked Pres. Uchtdorf's Priesthood session talk about the man who lived beneath his privileges (on the cruise) and that as holders of the Priesthood we must not live below our privilege, but seek to receive all the blessings and to magnify our Priesthood. I really loved it all but when the topic of marriage came up I did not like it because there were eight of us and they all liked to make comments to me. But it was some food for thought, but thoughts for the future are in the far distant future.

This last week my companion and I were sick and were down for the count for a few days with a fever, but we are fine now. We had a lesson last night with the Ramos family and they liked church and it calls their attention, but they can't accept that they need to be baptized again because the Bible says only one baptism. So we are working with them to help them get over that challenge. The other difficult part is that he works like a slave. I am amazed at how much these people work for so little.

I can't believe that Jared is turning 30. How old! :)

Well, tomorrow I will finally get my suit; it looks good to me, I hope you guys agree. About the scripture case I need to know the size and what he wants on it as in what pictures to put on it. I heard that there are some machetes that have engravings on them and it would cost about the same as mine so I might get that because they are cooler, but let me know if it has to be the exact same type.

Well, things are good here but not a whole lot happened this past week so I don't have a whole lot to tell you all but I love you all and will see you soon.

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