Friday, May 20, 2011

My Shoes

My Shoes

I had a cool experience the other day. In the transfers I was listening to the testimony of one of the new gringos. I looked at his shoes and then I looked at mine. Tears came to my eyes. His shoes were brand new and shine-- just like the elder with his animo ready to work.

Mine were old and beat up but with a world of experience--just like the elder wearing them.

I started thinking of my shoes. They've passed though two sewing jobs, four sole replacements, and an infinite amount of paint jobs. They've passed through the halls of the MTC, pounded the paved streets of Guatemala City, and kicked up dust in the small village of Amatitlan. They've carried Books of Mormon, pamphlets, and sacks of vegetables and corn. They've tracked through sun, rain, mud and ash. They've witnessed the visit of an Apostle, the work of the mission president, and most important, the conversion and baptism of many humble Lamanites.

They love to play B-Ball with the youth, soccer with the street kids, walk to charlas and rest under the bed at night. They've been in the jaws of a dog and within the walls of the Temple. They see miracles constantly and go through heaven and hell daily. They have passed though many unexpected things and uncountable beautiful experiences-- the most beautiful this world can provide. But most important is that through all this walking, sweating, crying and laughing they have followed a path that has led them to eternal happiness.

They have followed the same path two beat-up sandals followed in Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago. They have followed the path of "The Master." They have taken up their cross for the love of the Guatemalan people just as those two sandals, covered in blood, took up their cross for the love of all mankind. And, just as those sandals, these two shoes have found that as they have lost their life in the service of others they have truly found themselves. They have found and eternal joy bigger than this world can provide. They have found that it's not what's on the outside that counts but what's inside the soul.

And despite all they've been through, their favorite time and place is early in the morning or late at night, face down on the cement floor, praying to their eternal and loving Father, and their Brother and Master who showed the path for all shoes to follow back to their creator, their Savior, who paved that path with blood and tears, making it possible for all to return.

These shoes aren't just for two years but are ready to walk to the ends of the earth and through all eternities to follow that path and help others to find it. I love these shoes and I love my Savior. I know he lives! I love this work!

I remember a story Brigham Young told. He was visiting a young lady on her deathbed. She had given up all her hopes for the future and her schooling at a very young age to go to work to support herself and her brother when their mother died and left them orphans. She had spent her short life working with her hands to feed her brothers. She asked Pres. Young how the Lord would know that she is His. Pres. Young said, "Show Him your hands."

When I return to my Maker, I'm going to show him my shoes.

--Author Unknown

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Zone - Last District - Last Tie

This tie was signed by his zone and given to him before he left.

Thank you Sister Park - from his District - for sending these pictures (through her blog).

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Last Letter ... :)

Well, the Ramos family got baptized a true miracle but I will tell you all of that later. Tomorrow the temple and then home. I love you all and will see you later.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day call

We had a great conversation with Elder Musick last night. We probably overwhelmed him with our enthusiasm and excitement that seems to be building every day. He will be visiting old areas this week and will hopefully have a family baptism next Sunday. He received permission to attend the temple sealing next Tuesday of a family he worked with becoming reactivated. He is very excited for that. Yesterday he spoke at church with the Bishop and the Stake President. We asked if he was a "Big Deal" and he didn't think so :) He used to think so in High School - lol!) We encouraged him to leave behind anything that the other elders and members could use - pack light - especially when he told us he has fleas right now .... UGH! Anyway, it was great to hear him laugh. All of us are ready for his return, even though it seems so unreal. Hurrah for Israel, Sam!

It was nice talking to you guys last night. It was odd that is for sure, but I am excited to come home and see you guys; but I am pretty sad that I have to leave here. It is like going home but at the same time leaving home. I will be able to check my e-mail next week so if you want to send me my topic for my talk that would be great. Well, this next week should be a great week but I will have to work really hard to make sure everything turns out well.

I love you all and will see you guys soon.
Love, Elder Musick.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally ... May!

Well, last week was a good week I think. On Monday we worked with a recent convert Hugo to write his testimony in the Book of Mormon and then we went with him on Wednesday to give it to his friend and after that he has been giving a lot of references to us. He only has three months as a member. That night we had a family night with the bishop but the family that they were working with didn't show up so tonight we will go again. Hugo also found out that I am going home soon and told me that I had to stop by the Monday before I go home. I have really enjoyed working with him and I think he has enjoyed working with us.

On Tuesday we just had a few appointments but also we had coordination with a mission leader and are working to get a thing called the mission process and things are somewhat moving.

On Wednesday I had to go to the capital for a meeting for all the district leaders which was good, but it has been the same one for the last five times; it doesn't change too much. But in the night time we had a lesson with the Benbow Family - he is Seventh-day whatever and the wife is a member but things are hard there because the wife doesn't really support us or him and he has a lot of questions which are harder to answer because he just trusts the Bible.

On Friday I was on divisions and had to do a baptismal interview but I had to say no because they had a problem with the Word of Wisdom. It is interesting because I could feel that something was wrong but she was doing so well and then that is when I started to verify and found out. But I am grateful the Spirit has truly been a blessing in many cases like that. We also found a family of five by contacting a door and they let us in and we just talked about baptism and then we challenged them and they said yes if the Lord tells them what we teach is true, but they could have a lot of potential. But we will see.

Saturday we went to help fix a table that I broke because we were making donuts and I was making the dough and the leg of the table broke. So we went and fixed it and then I taught English to one of the kids in the family that had some homework. Then that night I spoke at an activity with the youth about missionary work and then the Stake President spoke and his wife. Then there was food after.

Yesterday during church we had to give an example of the Atonement of Christ to help the Relief Society and the President asked us to help. We gave her the example and she had to teach it. It turned out great because all the women cried because the President offered cookies and me and my comp. had to do 10 push-ups for every person whether they wanted the cookie or not. We had to do like 200 or so. But I think the point was clearly made.

Also the Ramos family came but our biggest problem is his work because we don't know if he will be able to attend. So we are praying and working to help them. But the husband says he wants to be baptized the 15th but the wife is kind of here and there. But it is an amazing family. Next Tuesday I will visit my old members in an old area.

But love you all,
Elder Musick.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Mission Board

On the lower right corner is the Villa Nueva Zone and on the far side is Elder Musick and his companion and his district. (He is the only blonde in the zone.)
There are more fun pictures of the mission office on the GCC Blog